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Diana Vasile
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  I have always been a magpie, attracted to everything beautiful and colorful. My affinity runs toward bold and strong shapes along with vibrant colors in unique combinations, and that"s why it defines my aesthetic.I am endlessly drawn to the stunning landscapes that give rise to the stones I use and to the wildlife that calls these places home. The iridescent flash of a feather, the colorful wing of a butterfly, the blush of a flower. I am inspired by the whole variety and scale of the natural world. Nature was always a forefront in my mind because I grew up surrounded by it, a place where the landscapes are magical and compelling. I am also fascinated by the interplay of colors that surrounds us. Our emotions are closely bonded with colors: some of them uplift our souls and others will drain them. Gemstones, rich and diverse in color and texture, are a joy to work with. Vibrant and subtle, polished or raw, I let their essence to shine through my creations.

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