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Interviewing Malin Jansson

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Interviewing Malin Jansson

Malin Jansson Jewelry
She was educated in Norway, Australia and at HDK - School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, where she took her Master in Applied Art and Craft (ceramic art), in 2004. She lives in Malmö and has her own studio. She mainly works metal and resin, but also with her porcelain jewelry in Jingdezhen, once in a while. 
- When did you start dedicating yourself to the world of contemporary jewelry?
I started dedicating myself to this worl in year 2015.
- What do you take inspiration from when you start creating a new collection?
Experiences from before and a material combinations.
- What kind of work or material do you prefer?
Brass, usually.
- Three words with which you would describe the Artistar Jewels project.
Variation of work. Networking. Inspiration.
- What do you think of the jewels that were on show this year? Have you been fascinated by any particular creation?
The size/volume of plastic/reused kind of jewelry. 
- Would you recommend to other artists to take part in Artistar Jewels? 
Yes sure. Bit expensive I think, maybe, but it was worth it and the book was amazing! 
- What were the services / opportunities that most pushed you to participate in the event?
Networking. And going to Milano!

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