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Countdown for the new edition of Artistar Jewels 2016

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Countdown for the new edition of Artistar Jewels 2016

Selections opened for the participation to the third edition of the project Artistar Jewels 2016.
Artistar Jewels, is a project launched by that was created with the aim to offer designers and contemporary jewelry artists, the opportunity to get a widespread promotion of their pieces. The intent is to expand professional connections creating real media and commercial contacts.
To download the brochure CLICK HERE
In the two previous editions more than 200 designers, coming from the four continents took part in the project, with their 500 creations and were the key players of the two international publications and the exhibitions organized in the centre of Milan.
The initiative is open to designers of contemporary jewelry, goldsmith and artists of wearable sculptures. The jewels that will be selected will include unique pieces and small series made with the aid of precious metals and semiprecious stones, but also more unusual materials derived from recycled elements of daily use.
All proposals should stand out for their originality, material and aesthetic innovation, consistency between the project and its realization and emotional impact of the work. 
Also this year the project has been conceived in the same way that was so successful in previous years; artists from different continents will take part in the project. The selected jewels will be included in an international publication, published by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore with contents both in Italian and in English. The book will be distributed in all Italian bookshops and in the major European capitals ones. Moreover its digital version will reach 5,000 professionals in the sector worldwide: concept stores, fashion boutiques, purchasing groups, importers - buyers, designers - architects, online stores, luxury hotels, spa and thalasso resorts. Jewels will be on sale within the online shop
The  pieces, will be also displayed  within Artistar Jewels Exhibition.
The venue chosen by Artistar is HOMI; the international exhibition dedicated to the home and people habits, this is an innovative opportunity for the  business of lifestyle industry. This is a new project of Fiera Milano dedicated to the people, their styles, their surroundings. This choice stems from the desire to enable all participants to contact professionals in the sector.
The exhibition is the best place to establish business relationships and receive an important media feedback. All participants in the project will present their pieces from 29th January to 1st February 2016, and will have the opportunity to meet professionals coming from the major reference markets, highly qualified buyers and leading players in the international scene.
In order to participate in the selection please send pictures of your pieces with a brief description to

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