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Homi fashion & jewels. Where beauty shines

Inizio evento 17.11.2015 | Fine evento 04.02.2016

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Homi fashion & jewels. Where beauty shines

Fashion accessories, trendy bijoux, jewels and precious stones that offer up models of elegance that are ever new, original and constantly evolving. These are the ingredients for HOMI’s Fashion & Jewels satellite, which represents new lifestyles in the personal sphere.
Along with the presentation of products, the satellite aims to offer new dimensions of innovation with specifically created spaces and events that will enrich the exhibition areas and increase the value of the show.
In particular, starting from the September edition, the satellite has begun to host a series of exhibitions that enrich the offering in the Fashion & Jewels satellite, putting a focus on the history of the style of quality bijoux.
From ready-to-wear to the new millennium 
After having celebrated the “Dolce Vita” era with wonderful bijoux from the 1950s and 1960s, HOMI is continuing its intriguing journey into jewels, fashions and traditions by dedicating another big exhibition to masterpieces of Italian bijoux, this time from the 1970s to the 2000s.
“From ready-to-wear to the new millennium – Italian costume jewellery from opulence to minimalism” is the theme of the new exhibition curated by Lino Raggio, one of the key players in Italian bijoux. The exhibition will look back over 200 amazing costume jewellery, from the 1970s austerity to the materialism of the 1980s on to the 1990s minimalism, all the way to the great crisis in the new millennium. The exhibition spans a thirty-year time period that definitively changed political, social and Italian cultural history.
This context saw the emergence of the ability of Italian costume jewellery to follow the evolutions of style beyond experimentations with new materials and new technologies. With a mix of limited-edition pieces and industrially produced pieces, bijou represents the entirely Italian ability to maintain levels of quality manufacture, formal beauty, technological innovation and the traditions of craftsmanship. These are the years in which Italian designers systemized ready-to-wear, concept of ready-made fashion that was accessible, overtaking French haute couture. This became the central theme of a truly one-of-a-kind era, with Milan as a creative and manufacturing hub.
Among the works on display, there are to be precious objects by Airoldi, Giorgio Armani, Bijoux Cascio, Coppola and Toppo, Ugo Correani, Gianfranco Ferrè, Franco Moschino, Ornella Bijoux, Sharra Pagano, Donatella Pellini, Luciano Soprani, Valentino and Gianni Versace, which testify to the tight bond that was created in those years between jewellery and fashion, in terms of creativity and production. A not-to-be-missed event, in order to relive the exciting energy of an unforgettable season, which thanks also to costume jewellery, saw the legend of Italian fashion make its way throughout the world with a new idea of democratic luxury. This event is also to be extended beyond HOMI.
Just a few days after the end of the trade show, the “From ready-to-wear to the new millennium – Italian costume jewellery, from opulence to minimalism” exhibition will be open to the public in Milan in a prestigious location in the city. Getting back to what is happening inside the show, however, the positive experiential journey of HOMI EXPERIMENTS continues. This area is to host a selection of designers and their one-of-a-kind creations. This is a space that is to have a dual purpose with two different “souls” in order to better define what’s on offer. One part of HOMI EXPERIMENTS is focused on costume jewellery while the other is aimed at fashion accessories.
The Bijoux Trends Forums are also to continue. These appointments are held by industry experts where one can preview the new trends in style, consumption scenarios and where tastes are heading for the next season. These meetings also allow us to understand how the world of jewellery “dialogues” with the language of fashion, with in-depth information on techniques and materials.
Finally, there’s something absolutely new at HOMI - Artistar Jewels. This collective of designers, architects, journalists and communication experts aims to promote design and creativity; Artistar will bring a series of jewels to be displayed at HOMI. This initiative started as a way to guarantee visibility to deserving and talented artists and jewellery designers. Creations were chosen by looking not only at the skilled craftsmanship and works of precious materials but also and especially at the aesthetic and conceptual values of the works themselves, which go beyond the precious nature of the materials used.
The creations shown reference the various nuances of the world of contemporary jewellery – there are design pieces, pieces of refined craftsmanship and wearable sculptures that almost seem like artworks. The true value of the jewels on display will be expressed via images along with a description of the pieces and a brief biography of the creator. 
The jewels presented will also be featured in the book Artistar Jewels 2016 published by the publishing house Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore and sold in all Italian bookshops, in bookshops in all of the major European cities and online at:

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