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Simona Girelli

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Simona Girelli

"I always feel the need to create from what already exists.
In the common objects that surround us, I see forms in alternative shapes and uses.
These objects want me to communicate something and I listen to them.
I choose between the ones that best fit, both for materiality and ductility, for my creative purposes, materially altering them by exploiting their plastic characteristics, redefining them and relocating them to completely different contexts from which they belonged, canceling their origins."
Born in 1973, Simona Girelli received her high school diploma Artistic State of Novara and later frequents Ceramics courses, specializing in decoration, and Furniture.
After having been running a ceramic workshop (hand-molded and hand-painted) for years and exhibiting her works in personal exhibitions, she dedicates herself to the research and experimentation of innovative materials and the development of personal techniques.
Designing and artistically nonconformist has in the past won competitions by offering fashion accessories, dresses, decorative furnishings and decorative lighting with alternative materials and recycling, but is through the contemporary jewel that manages to maximize its polyhedricity and thanks to It, connect with the world of Art, Fashion and Design.
Continuous research and experimentation of unusual materials are the driving elements of its original projects; the study of form and the obsessive attention to details are the context in which her modus operandi moves. Materiality, three-dimensionality and dynamism are the characteristics that substantially define her work; alteration, alternative use and recycling, the means it uses to achieve them. Alien forms, organic and material illusions, obtained from the transfiguration of plastic objects in common use, blend in alternative materials (metal industrial wastes, resins, pvc), textile sculptures (natural and synthetic fabrics treated and molded) and traditional components in glass.
Poor materials and precious materials, of different origin, hat is mutually strengthen and tone down, blending into a perfect balance of shapes, volumes and colors.
Strong contrasts between projections in the future and classic revivals, between static and dynamic lines, geometries and sinuous, fullness and transparency, opacity and gloss, smooth texture and vibrant texture, make her creations a design object, result of a research staff evolving.
Simona Girelli expresses herself with an abstract language, but to make she use real elements, common and in the eyes of everyone: the objects that surround us and are born for a certain use. She alters these objects, she deforms them, exploiting them redefine their plastic characteristics and relocates them in totally different contexts from which they belonged, canceling their origins.
Her very personal patterns give life to her contemporary jewelry, original three-dimensional structures entirely machined, assembled by hand in her workshop and Made in Italy; jewelry, not jewelry, which manufacture, creativity and uniqueness make it precious.
Each product is made ENTIRELY HAND in all phases of production, from the creation of the assembly components.
After a preliminary phase of the study sketches, begins the phase of experimentation in order to verify the properties of various products on the materials chosen and test, therefore, the compatibility. The objects used, born originally to meet other needs and already on the market in other areas, are carefully chosen after a long search, and used after being subjected to a special processing. Become a "component", or part of the creations, the material or object that, after having been altered material after the various processes, responds to mechanical and aesthetic expectations of the project.
Ends the machining process the complex and laborious assembly that, for some pieces, results in working days.
Every piece is UNIQUE, both in colors and form, as a result of a process whose steps are partially controllable, and repeatable only in global aesthetic vision.
In addition to polystyrene and textiles (silk, cotton etc...) she is experimenting with metal and her work with industrial metallic wastes and pvc was selected by the AV17 Art Gallery for the International Biennial of Contemporary Art "Metallophone 2016" which was held in Lithuania in September 2016.
She exhibits her works in events and museums, collaborates with magazines and companies.

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