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Artistar - logo


We are an organization made up of designers, commercials and communication experts and, through several initiatives, we promote all the forms of contemporary art.  
Our group was born in 2012 and, through the web portal, it serves as virtual space conceived for all the protagonists of the contemporary jewels scenario. The project is thought to encourage the contact  between all the sector interlocutors. This activity proves to be very active and dynamic, in fact it often collaborates with creatives in order to help them in communicating their ideas to possible interested people; this is the actual reason at the base of our activities.  
We collaborate with various organizations as companies, universities, specialization schools, publishing houses and art galleries in order to enhance the interaction between artists and potential purchasers. 
The objective has always been to offer the  users, a dynamic network able to be a powerful tool allowing the meeting between the parts and their collaboration. 

Artistar Jewels

Artistar Jewels is an annual project founded in 2013, by which we promote the contemporary jewel. It serves as an international window for famous artists and as a springboard for the emerging ones. The aim is to offer the creatives taking part to the project, important professional occasions. 
Each year, we select more than 100 international artists that are given high visibility thanks to all the initiatives organized. All the selected creations are presented in the book Artistar Jewels, distributed in the Italian and International market. Furthermore, the book is also delivered to 5000 important players in the sector; in so doing, buyers, galleries, luxury boutiques, fashion stylists… can contact those artists they are interested in. 
In order to enhance even more professional  relationships, all the jewels presented in the volume, are exhibited through a show organized in a prestigious location in Milan. The exhibition is a special occasion to meet possible purchasers, retailers and journalists with whom establish trade relations and from whom receive media attention. The project Artistar Jewels also gives participants the possibility to get advantage of the shop online allowing the selling of the artistic jewels. is the online shop selling exclusive jewels made by designers and international artists. Rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches and other accessories can be chosen, booked and acquired directly from the website. 
Through we aim to underline the importance and the uniqueness of jewels, expressions of an elaborated artistic research. Adopting this strategy, we try to anticipate the market demand of creativity, a market always more interested in unique objects. All the accessory lovers can choose among the creations, those that, more than others, reflect their personality. 

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