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Maf Jewels
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San Mateo CA


MAF - Jewels™ was born from the creative genius of its talented founder, a real expert about fashion, an art lover and passionate observer of all new trends coming from urban environment.Her bigger sources of inspiration include Byzantine art, late Baroque and the stylistic sparks offered by Art Nouveau and Deco,  including  all the incentives offered by urban street wear. This is the reasoning behind her rich, sumptuous, showy, fleshy, but definitely very comfortable to wear jewels, with a perfect fit and, above all , easy "to live with"!  The MAF- Jewels™ mission is to allow everyone to wear jewelry of the highest quality, with a unique design from fine workmanship.  The artist guarantees the utmost attention to each detail, as well as extreme care in the perfect choice of raw materials. Each piece is UNIQUE absolutely not reproducible, primarily, because when she uses new raw materials she never repeats the same pattern;  secondly  because some pieces are created  with a mixture of new elements and ancient and vintage pendants, cabochons, glass beads purchased from around the world.  The MAF- Jewels™ is proud to make custom made pieces upon request to satisfy any of your special occasions, outfits, or everyday style.  Each jewel is unique, they are all one of a kind pieces. You can talk to her directly and take advantage of  her advice, taste and competence. She will do her best to exceed your expectations!With the MAF-Jewels™ you can enjoy the luxury of wearing unique, trendy and high quality jewels of a great value.You will  stand out from the crowd, leaving everyone speechless!   COPYRIGHT: The MAF-Jewels™ logo and name are trademarked. All the information, images, and/or data contained in this website are copyrighted and may not be downloaded, distributed, modified, reproduced in whole or in part without the prior, handwritten and signed consent of the author MAF-Jewels™

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