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Interviewing Maria Kerrn Jespersen

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Interviewing Maria Kerrn Jespersen

Maria Kerrn Jespersen

Born 1963 in Copenhagen, Denmark, she settled in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004. She studied how to conserve paper at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine art in Copenhagen. In her creative work, Maria uses many different materials and work with different art forms. Scissors are her favourite tool, and all her pieces are cut with a scissor.


- What is the name of your brand and what's the meaning behind it?
My name, Maria Kerrn-Jespersen is my brand. It´s personal and unique.
- Where do you take inspiration from when you start creating a new collection?
My inspiration often just comes through experimenting with the materials. Working with the materials and tools often rise ideas. My inspiration also comes from flowers,  I´m very fond of large jewels, but they are very often to heavy to wear. Rubber is a very light material and you can make large items and still light to wear. My aim is to make elegant jewels that enriches the personality of the person who wears it.
- What kind of work or material or technique do you prefer to use?
Rubber and paper are my preferred materials. There is a lot of possibilities in these materials. I often get surprised by the possibilities. My favorite tool is absolutely my scissor.
- Three words with which you would describe the Artistar Jewels project.
Inspirational, involving, innovative.
- Have you been fascinated by any particular creation you saw in the Artistar jewels 2019 edition?
There was a lot of fascinating creations. It was great to experience so many different approaches to jewelry making, both in terms of style, materials and techniques.
- What were the opportunities that most pushed you to participate in the event?
To get my jewelry out to a larger public, as well as Artistars great work in spreading artistic contemporary jewelry
- What do you think about the upcoming Milano Jewelry Week? Do you think Milano needed it?
Absolutely, more focus on contemporary  jewelry!

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