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Interviewing Miruna Belcovici

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Interviewing Miruna Belcovici

Miruna Belcovici

Her passion for jewelry making begun unexpectedly, while pursuing other career choices. As if suddenly, after a lifelong full of educated words, she finally learned to talk. No boundaries, just the purity of the concept, articulated meticulously in each piece of jewelry. The individuality of the symbiotic merge between the jewel and its owner fascinates her.

- What is the name of your brand and what's the meaning behind it?
Miruna Belicovici:  Making jewelry is something I am passionate about, hence the decision to use my own name as a brand for my works came quite naturally. Each piece a make is so personal, mirroring my own beliefs, searches, journeys...into the ones of the person that chooses to wear that piece and make it its own, relating to it in a unique way.
- Where do you take inspiration from when you start creating a new collection?
Miruna Belicovici: ....Feelings, natural textures, inner hidden desires. Sometimes the stubbornness of metal itself leads you to amazing discoveries.
- What kind of work or material or technique do you prefer to use? 
Miruna Belicovici:  I am so addicted to precious metals ... but also love to play and merge alternative materials into my jewelry, such as paper, wool, pigments. The result seems more a bit of a mixed media art object, emphasizing the versatility and potential of contemporary jewelry in respect of wearability and design.
- Three words with which you would describe the Artistar Jewels project.
Miruna Belicovici: elegance design artwork
- Have you been fascinated by any particular creation you saw in the Artistar jewels 2019 edition? 
Miruna Belicovici: Artistar was an amazing exhibition, each jewel having its mesmerizing beauty. Perhaps my most beloved one was the Volatile Borders brooch made by Silvia Cruceru. I relate to it in a personal way and irrevocably fell in love with it when I first hold it in my hands.
- What were the opportunities that most pushed you to participate in the event? 
Miruna Belicovici: Having the pleasure to exhibit my works alongside the ones of such amazing artists is the greatest reward. Thank you for making it possible. 
- What do you think about the upcoming Milano Jewelry Week? Do you think Milano needed it?
Miruna Belicovici: Style and fashion thrive in it only seems natural for contemporary jewelry to be represented there as well, adding to this amazing city's glamour.


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