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Brunini’s philosophy: art is wearable

Inizio evento 06.07.2017 | Fine evento 08.07.2027

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Brunini’s philosophy: art is wearable

Southern California artist jeweler Katey Brunini, launched her jewelry design company in 1998. Now in her twentieth year, a hardbound museum quality book called TWENTY celebrates this milestone. Her signature collections are the Twig, Vertebrae, Skipping Stones, DNA, Spider Web, Objects Organique, Spirit Animals and Body Armor. Each collection is inspired by the intrinsic strength found in nature.
The launch of this book will be held at special events throughout the 2017-2017. Museums, botanical gardens, unique retail venues, as well as virtual reality presentations, and art installations, will highlight the creative and innovative vision of Brunini. 
A presentation incorporating her work at San Diego Museum of Art’s Art Alive weekend was a big hit in 2015. Another special event is scheduled at the Chris Martin Gallery, Aspen Colorado, hosted by Meridian Jewelers, in July,2017. This event, called Nature and the Art of the Goldsmith, will be presented by renown jewelry historian Timothy Adams.
TWENTY’s forward is written by Adams. He shares Brunini’s philosophy that jewelry is wearable art. It is art that connects the wearer with nature itself, tapping into its power, beauty and sensuality. Concurrently the artist in connected with the adorned in a synergistic relationship.
Brunini’s work often incorporates wood, antlers, horn and bone. Using the natural color and texture of these organic materials, she juxtaposes them with precious metals and gemstones.  It is this raw and refined quality that defines her work. 
The combination of opposites, this yin and yang, reflects the nature of the human spirit. Brunini’s spirit flows through her artwork, to touch each wearer in a unique way. Perhaps a whimsical Spirit Animal ring will bring a smile, or a Body Armor bracelet will inspire confidence. It is this connection between artist and patron that makes for truly fine art. 

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