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The big extravagant necklaces by Olga Zielinska

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The big extravagant necklaces by Olga Zielinska

Olga Zielinska was born in Warsaw, Poland, she studied in Fine Arts School in Gdansk, she lives and works in Warsaw, where she also finished goldsmith school and runs her workshop.
Olga explores mostly ethnic motives, in her work is visible inspiration by traditional Slavic and eastern folklore, fascination of symmetry and floral motives. Some of the biggest necklaces with minerals and tassels put in layers with resin elements, make you think of totems and cutouts (traditional form of paper compositions cut out of colorful paper, typical for Eastern European  and Jewish culture) which are constructed level by level.
Main materials used are resin and metal, sterling silver and aluminium. The creative process starts with graphic design. Drawings, made mostly by hand, are printed on the surface of metal and vinyl background and later sank in epoxy resin, the next step is polishing and mounting elements of necklaces and earrings alltogether, to the final result.
"This process takes at least 4 days every time, mostly because resin is a material for very patient people"- Olga says that there is no way of making shortcuts here. "It took a lot of mistakes, burned hands and wasted material to get to the point where I control the material completely, now I just have to be patient with it and it lets me realize my concepts."
Big extravagant necklaces with mandalas of which some include full moon graphic inside, are Olga's favourite creations, they refer somehow to harmony, circle of life and space, inner peace ideas of eastern beliefs, close to Slavic and Bohemian culture in this aspect.
Olga works with jewelry for over 10 years now, she took part in, among others, series of exhibitions "Designed in Poland" presented for 10 years in many european cities, with selected works od Polish artists. Besides creating her own pieces, Olga also ran a modern jewelry gallery for several years, cooperating with many contemporary artists from Poland, she co-created series of jewelry made of resin combined with felt, wood and silk, called MOONI, shown in galleries of Berlin and London. Olga is also a photographer, making use of this skill in her jewelry works as well.

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