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ICKX Contemporary Jewelry

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ICKX Contemporary Jewelry

ICKX Contemporary Jewelry is a sales outlet in Brussels that offers a selection very selected of contemporary jewelry. Pieces are choosen for their singular design, sober to minimalist; for sometimes unexpected materials used; for techniques used (home made and new technolgies). Each piece is precious because unique or realised in small series.
"ICKX Contemporary Jewelry" is an intermediary between customers and creators and sets up a consignment system . The goal is to promove talents : a new opportunity for some and a springboard for others. The purpose is to present original creations to a wide public. 
Ideally located in an old mansion in Georges-Henri place, it's located in a exist store "ICKX Design".
Audrey Ickx is the founder of the space ICKX Contemporary Jewelry based in Brussels and also creator of contemporary jewelry. She studied Interior Architecture and Industrial Design in ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels. She traveled alone during a few months and she leaved a very rich experience (Australia, New Zeland, Indonesia and Asia). After her travel, she studied Jewelry in Arts and Métiers in Brussels. This formation gave her the idea to open a shop-gallery. A space that gathers creators coming from different countries and different way but having a commun taste for an singular, graphic and sober to minimalist esthetic; for sometimes unexpected materials used; for techniques used (home made and new technolgies). Each piece is unique or realised in small series.
In parallalel she developp her own collection very minimalist «Schieve" (= leaning in Brussels) collection proposed in different metals (silver, gold-plated, gold,...). What is important for her, it's for the jewelry to be considered like a micro sculpture, works of art, that you can wear and/or expose and not as a fancy object.
For the Fashion Week of Milan (2018), she will propose a project interdisciplanry bringing together the jewel, clothing, picture, design", taking part as gallery in Artistar Jewels 2018.

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