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Lara Podvirsic was born in Ljubljana, SLO. In 2013 she opened her studio, where she explores metals and educates herself through the creation of jewelry. Her inspiration lies in the intertwinement of individual's consciousness and subconsciousness and the human attributes: mental, emotional, spiritual and social. 
When did you start dedicating yourself to the world of contemporary jewelry?
I start dedicating myself to the world of contemporary jewelry in 2013 when I opened my studio in Slovenia, but the creativity and the passion for jewelry were part of me since I was a little girl. 
What do you take inspiration from when you start creating a new collection?
The biggest inspiration for me is life itself and all the perceptions which humans as individuals can take toward it, although I search inspiration also in the rich history of jewelry.  The key component of my creativity is combining contrasts - both conceptual and in the choice of techniques. 
What kind of work or material do you prefer?
I prefer precious metals, both silver and gold, precious and semi-precious stones. Although, in some of my works I am open to plastic and fabric too.
Three words with which you would describe the Artistar Jewels project.
Professional, worldwide, creative.
What do you think of the jewels that were on show this year? Have you been fascinated by any particular creation?
I think there was a wide range of creative pieces, all of them really special and unique. I was fascinated by the magic of Stanislav Drokin’s pieces. 

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