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Interviewing Angela Simone

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Interviewing Angela Simone

Angela Simone

Born in Liguria, she moved to Milan in 1983, where she attended the graphic course at IED. She is still working in Milan as a graphic designer for ELLE Italia. Her paper jewels, created in 2003, have been internationally recognized, published by the main fashion magazines and presented in many exhibitions.


Angela is the winner of the Artistar Jewels 2018 x Sieraad Contest!


Angela just did not imagine being able to win the stand most desired by her in the last 10 years !!
She had already been selected in 2008 when she sent the request but the cost of the stand has always held back: winning it was a real surprise and satisfaction.
She met the most disparate people, including the royal family among the public. The interest in her work has been remarkable and the sales satisfactory. The CODA MUSEUM Bookshop also bought several pieces!
Very positive and happy experience!

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