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Tiberius - The meeting point for world fashionistas in Vienna

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Tiberius - The meeting point for world fashionistas in Vienna

„We don’t wonder about taste when it comes to the little things. As soon as lust is involved, the explosions start.“ Donatien Alphonse François Marquis de Sade (1740 - 1814), French novelist.
Tiberius is a label and concept store at the same time. The typical style, the so-called Tiberius DNA, is defined by explicit sensuality, by its playful provocation and ironic hedonism.
When it was founded by Karl Ammerer in 1992, Tiberius complimented the Austrian fashion scene in an unconventional, irreverent and provocative manner and as it evolved became a showcase for design & lifestyle in the nation’s fashion world. It has been a barometer for the social and economic development of the Viennese, Austrian and even European markets. At first Tiberius was a concept that catered to the needs of a fringe group. The products and services it provided filled a hole in this niche market. The extraordinary vision and concept have since been validated and become an established force on the European fashion scene. 
The spring of 1995 saw a Tiberius shop open its doors to the public, in Vienna’s 7th District, for the first time. Already just 3 years later, this unique shop was bursting at the seams with a need for greater capacity, and moved to its larger, current location. From the outset the Tiberius brand was known for carrying leading, top of the range, international fetish articles. In February 2004 the Tiberius store received a facelift, under the architecture of the internationally acclaimed BEHF team. At the same time the company started its own fashion label, creating latex and leather clothing, under the direction of fashion designer Marcos Valenzuela-Abril. Combining standard day wear with fetish clothing, was a means for Tiberius to break into new horizons in the fashion world, fulfilling a wish to make the label wearable on any occasion, the Tiberius team calls this “Crossover Fetish Fashion”. Amongst its collection are clothes for men and women. The interior design in the shop and the style of fashion designed is true to Tiberius’ philosophy of “clean lines”.
Everything Tiberius creates makes sense and titillates the senses! Each collection is a well-rounded concept right up to the last detail. The dresses, evening gowns, wedding dresses, suits, leather fashion, accessories and perfumes assure an experience. The Tiberius customer is the center of attention, wearing Austrian designs, discovering for themselves - among other things - emerging national and international labels.
Tiberius is a hub, a meeting point for world citizens and fashionistas. A label and a concept store where leather meets silk chiffon causing them to blend into imaginative lasciviousness and openness. It is a tour de force that aligns shapes, figures, colors, smells and ideologies.
This amazing concept store is one of the 2017 main carachters of Artistar Jewels, the international event about contemporary jewelry. 30 pieces made by artists from all over the world were selected among the 140 participants of the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti's exhibition in Milan and, as award, they geban a moving exhibition through europe. The first two stops were in Bologna, Italy and Torino,Italy, ready for the third and last stop and great finale in Vienna.
Marcos Valenzuela organized such a successfull event, where also Campari took part as sponsor. All the lights shone on Tiberius and the magnificents Jewels, and here you can find a selected gallery if you missed this amazing event:
Artists exhibited:
Algares di Alba Gallizia_MORGANA, Alina Simion_Dark shades of silence, Ana Hagopian_Feathers (Plumas), Arianna Celentano _SECULAR TIME, ArteFatto_Punti di vista, Aurum by Gudbjörg_TUTTU, B_Dodi design_NEFERTITI NECKLACE, Chevalley Cedric_ups8 bracelet, Fior di Loto_Contact, Harriet Morris_Gridlock Shadow Choker , IngranArt by Simona Della Bella_Contrasto, IngranArt by Simona Della Bella_REWIND, Jenny Lawlor_Galaxy, Ji Young Kim_Lull of Breeze, Manuale Jewelry_VENUSTA NECKALCE, MetalTorks_Maayan Yablochnik_Gold-Silver star necklace, midzo_untitled bracelet, Orietta  Sacchi-Quezzo Design_Marie Antoinette (anello), Orietta Sacchi-Quezzo Design_Nefertiti , Paola Oregioni_Chronos, Parme Marin_Hedgehog II, Simona Girelli_NODES, Snem Yildirim_Seven Hills, Snem Yildirim_Three in One, UGUALIMAI di Cristiana Del Bello_Ossimori , VetroGioielli di Sara Talso Morandotti_Glass&Rubber, Willroth, Alena_Blue Foraminifera II , Ying Chen_Fortress Besieged, Ying Chen_Memory of Vacation.
Don't forget to stop by this amazing place if you are in Vienna!


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