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Interviewing Annie Gobel

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Interviewing Annie Gobel

Annie Gobel
Indonesian born and a Melbourne based contemporary artist her practice includes contemporary jewellery making. Annie has been drawing inspiration from her childhood times. Toys, art activities and features of her drawings influence the making decisions while blending an intuitive way of working – childlike. 
-When did you start dedicating yourself to the world of contemporary jewelry?
When I was doing my course in Fine Art - Gold And Silversmithing, I knew that contemporary jewellery is what I want to do. So I started my career as a contemporary art jeweller as soon as I graduated. 
- What do you take inspiration from when you start creating a new collection?
Childhood memories, toys, lines, colour and recently architecture and walk encounters. 
- What kind of work or material do you prefer?
I have been exploring metal and enamel since school. I think that this year I will start to explore other materials and methods such as paper, paint, and  fabric. 
- What are your points of reference in the world of contemporary jewelry and art?
Anything. Art, Architecture, Craft, Design, Playgrounds, Fashions…
- Three words with which you would describe the Artistar Jewels project.
Playful, Colourful, yet Mature. 
- Would you recommend to other artists to take part in Artistar Jewels?
Of Course! The staff are especially very very very nice and helpful. 
- What were the services / opportunities that most pushed you to participate in the event?
The fact that it was held in Milan (one of the city that I would like to explore further), and that it coincided with the fashion week. How I wish I could be there. 
Visit her online store

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