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Interviewing Elisa Tabakman

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Interviewing Elisa Tabakman

Elisa Tabakman
She is a plastic artist, anthropologist and editor. She took specialization courses in Argentina, Spain and Italy. Her work includes ceramics, glasses, and jewelry. She took part  part in many exhibitions and has been awarded several times. Three of her works can be seen in the book cover of a distinguished Cuban writer.

7 years ago I dedicated myself to contemporary jewelry. I am a fire artist (ceramics, glass, iron). I missed the jewels. And as today's life does not allow us to enjoy great works of art in our small houses, I decided to bring art to jewelry. 

The inspiration is always given to me by the noble material I use, both a glass I made by myself, and the stones that fall in love with me that ask me to bring them to a work of art. I always work with noble materials, be it glass, stones, pearls and metals.

I do not like synthetics, I think their use should be limited to other areas. In the same way, I prefer the traditional techniques in which we participate with the body and the senses in production. I have always been inspired by works of art from the ancient world, both pre-Columbian, from the Near East, from the Far East or from the Mediterranean world. also Renaissance art. Artistar is a wonderful project to promote contemporary jewelry artists.

I am infinitely grateful that they have called me. The days of the show were very special and the exchange with other artists was very interesting. I would suggest that you try to encourage contact between more distant artists and with different languages. the atmosphere of the Piazza del Duomo is magical for an event of this nature. All of Artistar's staff is very friendly!

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