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The ather side by Rasa Vilcinskaite

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The ather side by  Rasa Vilcinskaite

Rasa Vilcinskaite is a professional visual artist based in Lithuania. Currently she is continuing her MA studies in painting departament of Vilnius Art Academy.The inspiration of jewelry become since 2013.Ever since then she has been improving bead embroidery techniques and has combined all her painting skills and knowledge on colors and shapes with jewelry design.


These creations of applied art are deeply inspired by her passion for colors and oil painting. Sometimes she even feel that by sewing beads she’s just using another medium to paint colorful images.



She tries to select and compose her colors in the way that it would give the strongest visual aesthetic pleasure. Form is important aspect of her work. She uses sharp, edgy and architectural shapes to assemble her craft visions.


The ather side
The collection is about everything that does not reach our limits of perception, or everything that is beyond them, something that exists in the astral and disapears in the exoteric, earthly understanding(but it does not mean that it does not exist on this side or beyond) - all of this I call cosmos. This term unifies the concept of the whole collection.


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