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CALL FOR ENTRIES Temporary Shop - Artistar Jewels

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CALL FOR ENTRIES Temporary Shop - Artistar Jewels  


Din – Design In is the event organized by for those who wants to present their projects, concepts and prototypes to an international audience, the wider and most important of the sector! Din – Design In is a huge exhibition oriented to emerging and well-known designers, creative labs, self produced designers and jewellery designers.


Martina Loncar jewellery, foto di Olga MakarovaMartina Loncar jewellery, pic by Olga Makarova

The area covered by the temporary shop will be of 300 m2 in which our Staff will take care of the showing and selling the selected brands. To each brand will be dedicate a showcase of 1 m2.
What we are looking for:
-Unique and innovative pieces
-Price lower than 250 euro
-No gold and precious
-Wereable artworks
-Charming jewels
The exhibition area is a former industrial hangar of 2000 m2 with a leading position thanks to its double entrance: one in via Massimiano 6 and one in via Sbodio 9, the two busiest streets of the event. The Lambrate district has been the busiest one among the key players of the design world: the 2017 edition had more than 120.000 visitors! Journalists, trend setters, buyers, firms, marketing and new trends experts, visit everyday our location which is now one of the must-see during the Milan Design Week.
Send the the application together with the images of the products you’d like to sell to the e-mail address
Deadline: 8th February 2018


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