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Design and emotion: the innovative works of art created by Carla Cecere

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Design and emotion: the innovative works of art created by Carla Cecere

Carla Cecere is an artist and designer with an innovative touch. She creates furnishing objects which fuse the essence of painting and sculpture. Carla’s unique, signed objects are enriched by many years of international work and travel. Her artistic vision and expression reflects a vast array of cultural experience and her cosmopolitan background contributes to her innate sensitivity to which enable her to effectively interact people from all over the world. She welcomes and enjoys working intimately with clients to design works to suit their specific needs.



The design market today is rapidly approaching that of contemporary art. Consumers are seeking unique objects, created exclusively for their individual tastes, which enhance a specific location and or convey personal symbolic significance. Through a direct relationship with the client, Carla is able to intuitively select colors and shapes which translate their own thoughts and emotions into a distinctive one of a kind work of art which touches many of the senses.



Carla Cecere
Carla’s latest designs range from mini ceramic glazed sculptures which serve as drawer and door knobs, interior clothing hooks and lighting, to larger pieces including tables and paintings. All bring color and life to the ambience of the work and home environment. The artist has attracted clientele from all over the world – the US, UK, Europe, and the Far East. A formative artistic influence dates from a business trip to Northern Thailand when Carla had the opportunity to meet with top government officials as well as a notable collector of ancient Asian artifacts. His antiquities had been repainted in vibrant, harmonious colors by the Royal Family’s personal artists to make them meaningful and functional for modern culture. These ancient works transcend time and place to express eternal values. Likewise, Carla seeks to communicate the importance of spirituality, beauty and respect for one another and nature. Even more than the act of artistic creation, her mission is to embrace the concept that art serves to communicate and unite humanity.



Carla graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Psychology, and subsequently obtained a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology. She also conducted research in Complimentary and Oriental Medicine. After completing her studies, she worked as a business consultant, specializing in “International Cross Cultural Management.” Carla’s experiences in Europe, the United States and Asia have inspired the imaginative and multicultural language of her art. Her works are pervaded by strong emotions and powerful symbolism. Carla’s artistic pursuits encompass painting on canvas, paper and ceramic clay sculptures, and experimentation with various materials, including iron. Her oeuvre is represented in many prominent collections and has been shown in prestigious exhibitions, notably: The Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice, Kunst Meran in Merano, FuoriSalone and Expo 2015 with Milano Makers in Milan, “Mano e Terracotta” during Argillà in Faenza,  Bank of America and Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles. Carla has also collaborated on numerous research projects with the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Castello di Rivoli; with "Il Terzo Paradiso" by Michelangelo Pistoletto; with the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato, with Ludovica Lumer - "Always on my mind - Art and Neuroscience", and with Emiliano Toso "Residential Translational Music operators" in Biella.




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